Monday, 27 October 2014

FabFree Photo Challenge - Trick or Treat

Here is my entry for this months photo challenge. Most of the stuff I picked from the Don't Panic - game, my necklace is from UnSeelie court event and shoes, hair and skin are this months group gifts from various stores. The UnSeelie Court event runs till Nov 10 and the Don't panic game runs till Nov 17.

Horns: .{Rue}. Horns/Krampus - Devae (Don't Panic!/0L)
Hair: Polly Droll - Moon (Group gift/Free to join)
Eyes: Possession Eyes - The Stringer Mausoleum (Don't Panic!/0L)
Earrings: Lova Earring - Somnia (Don't Panic!/0L)
Skin: October group gift - 7 Deadly Skins (Group gift/25L to join)
Ears: Phoebe long elven ear - TnO at This is Halloween (Gift for SL F&O/Free to join)
Necklace: Unseelie Cat Amulet Gold - Kitty Moon (UnSeelie Court/200L)
Top: Panic Jack Dress - :{MV}: (Don't Panic!/0L)
Pants: Skeleton Leggins - Sn@tch (Don't Panic/0L)
Shoes: Halloween Smile - Macabre (Free group gift/Free to join)
Shoulder pet: Peek-a-boo Bengal Black - KittyCats! (Don't Panic/0L)

Taxi to Don't Panic - game!

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