Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Fight Club

Rule number 1 of Fight Club:You DO NOT talk about Fight Club. So this is between us 2 and you. I found these really kick-ass outfits and had to find the best way to show them off.. So Fight Club it is. Which one do you think is going to win??
 Left one is wearing:
Hair: After the Rain(Sparkle-Blonde) - Exile (Free subscriber gift)

Skin: Exclusive for SL F&O - Tir Na N'og (Group gift for SL F&O/Free to join)
Shape: Gift for Girls - Curves (Group gift for SL F&)/Free to join)

Piercings: Agony Facial Piercings - Diamante (SL F&O Group Gift/Free to join)
Outfit: Girls Complete Combat Outfit - Ylanya's World (MM board)

Right one is wearing:
Hair: Leila(Lucky Monotone) - Alice Project (Mini-mania)
Skin: Evie(Cookie/Electron) - Lumae@Fabfree HQ (Free for everybody)
Shape: Own shape
Outfit: Outfit 48 - Nicclas Design (Old group gift)

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