Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Truth about cStar

cStar Limited is having a hunt on that is a little bit different from ordinary hunts. Here's what was in the NC I received yesterday:
"This is a social media hunt!  Your goal is to find all 10 skins.  This can be anywhere from Facebook, Twitter, the Marketplace even. I have started you out with a gift that was sent with this newsletter.  Look for the Hint card and Good Luck on your search!  :D  Have Fun!! <333"
So the skins are spread in social media, marketplace, groups and newsletters and in their store. There is a cheat sheet for the hunt at their store.
Here are the 10 skins you can get:
 They are called: Almond, Blush, Discreet, Dreamy, Dust, Heavenly, Neutral, Pixie, Satin Natural and Shine. Store link: cStar Limited

This absolutely adorable hair I'm wearing is a new release from TRUTH Hair called Jinx. The Pastels colour pack is FREE to buy at the moment. I don't know how long it will be free so you better hurry up and grab it before the price goes up
   Store link: TRUTH

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